As a historian of Christianity and gender, I started off doing quiet work on the relationship between Christianity and feminism in American history. But that research led to new questions, which led me to topics that unexpectedly ended up at the very center of things: Hillary Clinton and the fate of progressive Christianity, and Donald Trump and his appeal to American evangelicals.

I’ve been quoted in national media outlets on topics ranging from Hillary Clinton’s faith to Donald Trump’s linguistic strategies, and on faith and politics generally. Here are a few links:

…on evangelical masculinity and the politics of Donald Trump in the Christian Science Monitor and on the CBC.

…on Hillary Clinton’s faith in The Atlantic, The Washington Post, CNN, and America

…on Trump’s linguistic style in Vox and the AP, and in a live interview with Canada’s CTV

…or, tune into this podcast on “The Deep Roots of our Hillary Hostility” with Christianity Today’s Quick to Listen.


As a historian I still spend time in the archives, but I’m happy to share my work with journalists, religious leaders, academic audiences, and political advisers.



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