image of the book cover for eyes to see and ears to hear women

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear Women: Sexual Assault as a Crisis of Evangelical Theology

Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Tim Kruger, Mitch Randall, Mitch Carnell, Beth Allison Barr, Chesna Hinkley, Kevin Giles, Jamin Hubner
Published by Christians for Biblical Equality in 2018

Thrilled to have contributed an essay to this collection on evangelicalism’s engagement with women, gender, sexuality, and abuse. CBE will be distributing it to all participants at this year’s gathering of the Evangelical Theological Society—a group not generally known for their progressivism on these issues.

This is exactly why I write.

(You can read the essays here—all very accessible, including one by Beth Barr. Also, if you’d like to support this sort of thing, I’m sure CBE would appreciate a donation to help support their work.)

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