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Kristin Kobes
Du Mez, Ph.D.

Historian / Writer / Speaker

Professor of History, Calvin University



January 19-20, 2022. San Francisco. The Newbigin House of Studies.
Building Beloved Community Conference

February 3, 2022. Norman, Oklahoma. University of Oklahoma. Department of Sociology.

February 18, 2022. Waco, Texas. Truett Seminary.

February 19, 2022. Keene, Texas. Southwestern Adventist University.

March 31-April 2, 2022. Waco, Texas. Baylor University. Conference on Faith and History.

April 11, 2022. Spokane, Washington. Whitworth University.

April 19-20, 2022. Charlottesville, Virginia. University of Virginia Law School. Meador Lecture.

May 4-5, 2022. Malibu, California. Pepperdine University.

May 10, 2022. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kalamazoo College.
The Paul Lamont Thompson Memorial Lecture – Religion Department | Kalamazoo College (

August 1-3. University of Notre Dame, Faith in the Story: Never Again.

September 7. Rice University. Houston, TX.

September 8. University of Oklahoma.

September 18, TheoEd Atlanta.

October 5-6, New Orleans Vineyard.

October 24-25. Center for Pastor Theologians. Chicago.

November 9. Univerity of Michigan. Ann Arbor.


January 7. American Society for Church History. Philadelphia, PA.

January 27. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

February 16. Baylor University. Waco, TX.

February 23. University of Colorado. Colorado Springs, CO.

February 24-26. Plymouth Church. Wichita, KS.

March 23. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Winston-Salem, NC.

March 30-31. Abilene Christian. Abilene, TX.

April 28-29. NYC, details soon.

July 24-25. Chatauqua. Lakeside, OH.

Additional Events announced via Twitter and Facebook.


Contact Information

Speaking: Chaffee Management Group

History Department
Calvin University
3201 Burton St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546