Kristin Kobes
Du Mez, Ph.D.

Historian / Writer / Speaker

Professor, Calvin University

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Kristin Kobes Du Mez is a Professor of History and Gender Studies at Calvin University. She received her Ph.D. in American Religious History from the University of Notre Dame. Her research interests include the intersection of religion, gender, and politics in American history.


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Popular Speaking Topics

Jesus and John Wayne: Evangelical Masculinity, Militarism, and the Rise of Trump

The long history of evangelical masculinity is key to understanding evangelical politics, and the white evangelical support for Trump.

Welcoming the Stranger or Securing our Borders: Understanding White Evangelical Views on Immigration

Despite biblical commands to welcome the stranger, white evangelicals hold more negative views of immigrants and immigration reform than any other religious demographic. This talk explores why.

Kool-Aid, Slytherin, and the 81%: Defining Evangelicalism, and What’s at Stake

Who counts as an “evangelical,” and why does this matter? Looking at popular culture, this talk gives a lay of the land and offers a new interpretive framework that can help us understand American evangelicals and their support for Donald Trump.

Purity, Patriarchy, and the First Wave of Christian Anti-Trafficking Activism

Over a century ago Christian women led the crusade against the trafficking of women and children. This talk examines the work of Kate Bushnell, an intrepid reformer whose activism ultimately led her to pen one of the most comprehensive feminist theologies of the twentieth century.

Hillary Clinton and the Polarization of American Christianity

How Hillary Clinton’s Methodist faith and the larger narrative of American religious history are key to understanding Clinton’s politics, and her political fate.

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