image of Pete Buttigieg, April 14, 2019, announcing presidential candidacy in front of crowd with signs for Pete 2020
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Pete Buttigieg and The Politics of American Greatness

The task ahead of Buttigieg will be to fashion the perfect jeremiad for this historical moment—a call to national repentance and renewal, but one that appeals to myths of American greatness. Clinton tried and ultimately failed to do so. But…
image of first baptist church, (First Baptist Church, Charleston South Carolina: Congregation 1682)
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Why it’s so hard for the SBC to do the right thing.
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There are No Real Evangelicals. Only Imagined Ones.
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Burdens in Disguise: The Spiritual Magic of Tidying Up
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Season-Two Update: Impolite Company with Nish and Amy, Episode 31

Interview with Nish Weiseth (Cosmopolitan, The BBC, Deseret News) and Amy Sullivan (TIME Magazine, Yahoo News, NYTimes). Episode 31: The It's-Almost-Time-for-Season-Two! Update September 13, 2018 We're just days away from launching the second season of Impolite Company, listeners! In the…
Passers-By Looking at Window Display at the Headquarters of National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage - 1919
Christian Feminists
A New Gospel for Women: Christian Humanist Profiles, Episode 136
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Donald Trump
ROI 250: Dr. Kristin Du Mez, Evangelical Masculinity and the Rise of Donald Trump
American Evangelicalism
Evangelicals for Roy Moore–No Matter What: CBC Radio, Day 6, Episode 364