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Why is Fear an Evangelical Habit of Mind?

This past weekend, a man entered a Pittsburgh synagogue and massacred 11 people gathered for worship. The assailant was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, three Glock .357 handguns, and a heavy dose of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Minutes before entering the synagogue,…
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American Evangelicalism
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American Evangelicalism
Evangelicalism is an Imagined Religious Community
American Evangelicalism

Season-Two Update: Impolite Company with Nish and Amy, Episode 31

Interview with Nish Weiseth (Cosmopolitan, The BBC, Deseret News) and Amy Sullivan (TIME Magazine, Yahoo News, NYTimes). Episode 31: The It's-Almost-Time-for-Season-Two! Update September 13, 2018 We're just days away from launching the second season of Impolite Company, listeners! In the…
Passers-By Looking at Window Display at the Headquarters of National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage - 1919
A New Gospel for Women
A New Gospel for Women: Christian Humanist Profiles, Episode 136
American Evangelicalism
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Hillary Clinton
The Deep Roots of Our Hillary Hostility: Christianity Today, Quick Listen, Episode 20