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Interview:, “لماذا يدعم الإنجيليون ترامب؟.. مؤرخة أميركية تجيب عن,” by Mohammed Al-Manshawi

Translation: "Why do evangelicals support Trump? U.S. Historian Answers Al Jazeera Net Questions." Published September 25, 2020.لماذا-يدعم-الإنجيليون-الأميركيون?fbclid=IwAR0hODL-qGgyz6QAcjL9-xAxALT-I7aLNg9Jde7HawrucVFpeEVcLihhkCA
Kristin Kobes Du Mez
September 25, 2020
bible with words "Powers and Principalities"Interviews & Podcasts

Interview: Powers & Principalities, “Jesus and John Wyane with Kristin Kobes DuMez,” by Blake Chastain

Interview. "Jesus and John Wyane with Kristin Kobes DuMez." Blake Chastain. Powers and Principalities. Podcast. August 31, 2020. "If you've spent time in white evangelical circles, much of this will ring true; if you wonder why evangelicals are drawn…
Kristin Kobes Du Mez
August 31, 2020