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81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Will that be the case this November?

In the second of our two episodes on the upcoming US election, we explore the statistic that 81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. According to a Pew Research report released in July, as many as 80% of white evangelicals indicated that they would still vote for him in 2020.

We ask what ‘evangelical’ even means, and consider the possibility that Donald Trump acts as a kind of representative – even a strongman – for evangelicals who feel increasingly out of step with the secular mainstream.

We explore how race factors into the mix as well, and questions of power and influence.

Again, we’re joined by experts from the US to weigh in on the discussion: Amy Black, Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College in Illinois; Lisa Sharon Harper, author, activist, and the founder and president of Freedom Road; Andy Crouch, author, speaker, and the former editor of Christianity Today, America’s flagship evangelical magazine. 

In this episode, we also hear from Kristin Kobes du Mez, Professor of History at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the author of Jesus and John Wayne: How white evangelicals corrupted a faith and fractured a nation.

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