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Q: Jesus and John Wayne specifically traces how white patriarchy and White Evangelicalism became intertwined. Both as an author and as a professor of history, in what ways have you found that White Evangelicals are unaware of their own history?

I did not realize fully when I was writing this book just how almost revolutionary the story would be to White Evangelicals themselves. One of the pleasant surprises with the publication of this book is how White Evangelicals and many conservative White Evangelicals have embraced it. I did not count on that, and my publisher did not either. And so, it’s actually been quite phenomenal to watch this play out.

Q: You say in Jesus and John Wayne that “family value politics were deeply intertwined with racial politics, and both were connected to evangelicals’ understanding of the nation and its role on the global stage.” Can you explain why it’s important to recognize that this is both-and, not just one or the other?

Published by Timothy I. Cho. “Kristin Kobes Du Mez Talks Gendered Racism, White Patriarchy, and ‘Jesus and John Wayne.'” Faithfully Magazine. February 24, 2021.

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