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Joe Biden declared the 2020 elections to be a “Battle for the Soul of America.” And national politics certainly feels like a battle, as Americans clash over issues ranging from the pandemic to racial inequality. Do these same dividing lines cut through American religion? Or can religion still be a force for unity in American society? Answering these questions means grappling with the many ways religion influences politics, from the personal beliefs of a Supreme Court justice to the theology that drives protesters into the streets.


Prof. Anthea Butler, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Kristin Kobes du Mez, Calvin University, recent author of Jesus and John Wayne
Prof. Richard Rosengarten, former dean, Divinity School
Dr. William Schultz, incoming faculty member, Divinity School
Dr. Rob Wilson-Black, CEO of Sojourners, chair of the alumni council, Divinity School

Moderated by Willemien Otten, Marty Center Director.

Panel. “The Marty Center Symposium on Religion and the 2020 Elections.” The University of Chicago Divinity School. Remote. December 2020.

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