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In this episode of The Bible for Normal People Podcast,  Pete and Jared talk with Kristin Kobes Du Mez about patterns of toxic masculinity in the white Evangelical church as they explore the following questions: 

  • What led Du Mez to be interested in researching the modern history of patriarchy and toxic masculinity in the church?
  • Where is most of the “evidence” for militant Christian masculinity drawn from? 
  • Why did Du Mez avoid using the term “toxic masculinity” in her book Jesus & John Wayne? 
  • What cultural moments led people to identify with this kind of militant Christian manhood?
  • How did a particularly militant conception of masculinity become combined with Christian nationalism?
  • What influence did Billy Graham exert over the connection between Christian nationalism and masculinity?
  • What effect did Christian Zionism have on US militarism and the relationship between the US and Israel? 
  • How has the definition of masculinity changed over time?
  • How does John Wayne represent healthy and toxic aspects of masculinity?
  • What surprised Du Mez while researching Evangelical views of masculinity ?
  • Why were fears actively stoked by religious leaders during the Cold War era? 
  • What are some steps we can take to wrest Christianity from this ideology, or can we?

Episode 170: Kristin Kobes du Mez – A Modern Church History of Toxic Masculinity – Pete Enns

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