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image of screencapture from Christ and Pop Culture, July 13, 2020
Screencapture, Christ and Pop Culture, July 13, 2020


Du Mez keeps company with Christians who ask why Donald Trump speaks at their alma maters, screams through their parents’ television sets, and steals the allegiance of their pastors.

Rather than take cheap shots, Du Mez does the work.

Aarik Danielson, Christ and Pop Culture

Jesus and John Wayne is history as confession, history as lament, a type of history that hopes in a God who never puts us to shame, even as hope in America does.

Du Mez leaves us with both good and bad news. The bad news first: “the story” we are living through “does not begin with Donald Trump. Nor will it end with him.” This means the work of uprooting, of putting on and putting off, will extend well beyond this November, no matter its results.

Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear understand what Du Mez—and our moment—tells us. The church will tell and live a better story when we move strongmen out of the frame to focus on the man of sorrows.

Aarik Danielson. “Exploring America’s Love of a Steely Savior in Jesus and John Wayne.” Christ and Pop Culture. July 13, 2020.

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